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Guidelines for Manuscripts Deriving From AFMR-sponsored Symposia at the EB Meetings
  1. Manuscripts should conform to the general format for manuscripts published in the Journal of Investigative Medicine (JIM): JIM Author Guidelines.

  2. By design, the topics and scope of the symposia are designed to address important and timely topics that are relevant to the areas of clinical and translational research. Although the manuscripts submitted should reflect the content of the talks presented, the authors are encouraged to provide sufficient background material to provide context for the general readership of the Journal of Investigative Medicine. The use of summary schematics and figures is encouraged.

  3. Ideally, the structure of manuscripts derived from a symposium will reflect the organization of the symposium. In general, this will include one manuscript from each of the symposium talks. The submitted manuscript should reflect the information presented in each speaker's presentation. This would likely include both previously published as well as previously unpublished material. The talks will be introduced by a brief introduction written by the symposium organizer. Any different formats should be discussed with the Journal of Investigative Medicine editor. Authors should be careful to cite and obtain the requisite permissions in instances where they intend to use figures that have been published previously.
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